Entertainment and happiness have no boundaries. Our mission is to touch the heart and soul of people the world seems to have forgotten, to spread invaluable moments of happiness and make a sustainable impact to brighten up the lives of the less privileged people in India.

The word Kshana originates from a Sanskrit word meaning a “moment”. We call our organization Kshana because we are of the belief that it takes one moment to make a difference, one smile, one helping hand and one single positive thought. It is always small drops of water that fill the ocean. So help us fill this vast ocean.

Kshana in its journey since 2001 has done over 100 entertainment events for old age homes, orphanages, and spastic societies with a social theme and touched thousands of lives. We have decided to take many routes to achieve and influence these lives and create a sustainable impact.

It is our firm belief that the satisfaction one gets in touching lives even if in a small way is unique. We are just ordinary people, like you, the only difference is that we turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one.

For us to be successful, we need your help. You could help us being a member, volunteer, sponsor, performer or just a well wisher. Our endeavor is to join hands and reach to those millions who we can influence.